This book encompasses two collections one called “Lone Flute. . . Mountain Mist” a collection of Ch’an and Taoist style poetry.  The second is titled “Manic” it is a collection of poems written during some of Trevor’s more trying times in his life. He is Bi Polar 1 having been first diagnosed in 2001.

He feels this collection will allow the reader to become more aware of the inspired thought processes that add a certain insight to his poetry during the highs and lows of the so called “Artist’s Disease.” The whole Book he has titled “A Walk With Th e Lord”.  As the reader goes through the poems one will soon discover his strong faith in both God and man. He takes the reader through a journey of Eastern and Western thought that he has blended to form his unique world view.

The book can be purchased from the Xlibris online bookstore.

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