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Trevor has been teaching Shaolin Kung fu, Ch’an and Taoist Internal Alchemy for approximately twenty five years. His martial arts background began at the young age of five learning unarmed combat from his father who served with the Canadian Armed Forces.  At the age of twelve Trevor began Greco-Roman wrestling and continued until the age of seventeen. At nineteen Trevor joined Grand Master Simon’s Temple Kung fu achieving an instructor’s Black Belt and teaching up to Chief Instructor’s level. After leaving Temple kung fu and the White Tiger Brother/ Sisterhood Trevor taught Kung fu for Moni Aizik founder of Commando Krav Maga at the Samurai Club in Toronto until opening his own school Tian Dao Shaolin Kung fu. After a decade Trevor closed his doors and decided to teach privately in order to better meet his students needs.

Specializing in unarmed and armed combat Trevor teaches the long sword, the broadsword, the short and long staff, tonfa’s and knife techniques and defenses. Trevor has taught Military Personal, Police Officer’s and War crimes Investigators in self defense techniques. The self defence is highly effective and taught to be free flow so as to adapt to each student uniquely allowing them to create their own style within the style. Trevor has also taught Naturopathic Doctors and Homeopathic Practitioners meditation and chi kung techniques for medical and well being purposes at the Naturopathic College in Toronto.

Trevor became a Ch’an Buddhist and Taoist at the age of twenty finding no conflict in the two philosophies. Reaching out to the public as Ch’an Yoga Inc. Trevor is beginning a new chapter of his life. He chose this domain name because it best describes the Art he has made his own. Ch’an (Zen) simply meaning meditation and Yoga meaning union or yoke combine to create Meditative Union; joining meditation, breathing exercises and martial techniques to create a powerful internal system.

True Ch’an is a lifestyle and not a religion. It can be adapted into any faith. Enlightenment can best be described as empty mindful awareness. It is not something lofty and far away but here and now. It is being aware of the present moment with clarity absent of ego. This system does not rely on words and letters but points directly to ones mind allowing one to see into ones true nature and attain well being.

This system is suitable to all ages; skill levels and / or mental and physical abilities. It offers self healing, self awareness, self betterment, self confidence and self esteem. Accomplished through a unique approach to teaching. There are no contracts, tuition is $50 per hour of private instruction. There are special rates for families, AISH or Disability recipients.

All knowledge is freely offered with nothing held back. So join today and learn the peaceful way of Ch’an Yoga for body mind and spirit.



Trevor Tonsi has been a practitioner of kung-fu with over 30 years of experience in the fighting arts. His whole hearted approach to mastering a task is a reflection of his attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve perfection in his goals and what he does.  Always with an open mind and tenacious attitude towards learning, reflecting and teaching others about what he does, he has been able to transcend his knowledge into very simple, non judgmental, and effective methods for personal growth and enlightenment at any level.  The most inspiring and novel aspects of his teaching is to simplify many aspects of the art of kung-fu into very simple concepts that are scientific, comprehensive and practical in everyday situations. What separates his style of teaching from others is his ability to inspire and teach others to look in the proper path for self knowledge, direction and growth, so that they can develop their own ability to teach themselves and maintain a consistent growing and inspiring atmosphere to enlighten their own lives.  His style is a true blend of the hard and soft, with a lot of emphasis on structure, rooting, proper technique and foundation. Technique is everything in this style. The different meditations teach one to be centered and relaxed in combat or any given stressful situation, the soft exercises help to stimulate the tendons and muscles to be flexible and strong, and the hard aspects of the style come as a by product of proper flow of the chi force within a relaxed yet strong body. The basics and foundation of this style allows one to choose any area of this art to develop expertise on. Since the basic concepts are very simple and easily understood the art is flexible enough for a practitioner to become a well rounded martial artist.

Afshin Pishdad


Trevor Tonsi is a Master, a teacher, a philosopher — and a poet. Tian Dao. He lives the way. He teaches the way.  He is generous in sharing what he knows. I am grateful to him for what he has taught me.

Hal Sippel


I’ve trained with Trevor Tonsi for over 15 years working with a mix of self defence and meditative exercises. His systems offers a complete set of exercises allowing practitioners to feel fully refreshed and invigorated at the end of a session. Trevor offers a very encouraging and open class structure in a group setting or a highly attentive one on one environment to improve an individuals understanding of the art and develop one’s skills and experience further.

Rob Segal, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Get Set Games

*Corporate or Public Seminars available for Stress Relief and/or Self Defence.


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